Lobby LH1
  • Project: Lobby of Lighthouse Residence-1
  • Area: 150 m²
  • Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • State: Implemented in 2020
  • Authors: Natalya Pristenskaya, Aleksandr Vovnianko, Tetiana Grabovska, Hanna Polishchuk, Roman Hlukh, Oleg Karetin

The zest and landmark of Lighthouse-1 residence estate is its lounge.

Lobby’s carefully planned design won’t allow complex’s residents and guests to remain aloof about it. Ceiling height 8 m, finishing with efficient and high quality materials, panoramic windows -– there is everything here to let you feel solemnity, nobility and aesthetics every time you enter he lobby.

Reception desk is arranged as crossbar with brass finishing, column base with large-size porcelain tile, glass and aged mirror. Combination of such materials brings the feel of noblesse and exclusivity to the interior.

Implementation of solutions supposed to encounter some technical difficulties for the reason of possible metal deformation, jointing of fragile materials, but the team of interior design authors together with builder’s company that effectuated works coped to get the perfect result.

Interior design is knitted with brass cobweb. Brass profile is used to create unique mosaic pattern on the floor and spectacular art deco panel on the wall. Considering large area of the room, jointing and assembly of elements required pinpoint precision, so brass cobweb in fact was made by-hand.

The lobby has an absolute symmetry by all axes, directing all the lines to the same convergence point – central table with orchids composition. This pattern is often used in 5* hotels lobbies.

Authors’ team paid special attention to lightning. 8 lightning schemes are introduced, including intimate backlighting of design alcoves and architectural forms, and a large chandelier composed of 250 single lamps, each of them weighting 3 kg and long from 50 cm to 2 m.