Penthouse 09
  • Project: Penthouse 09
  • Area: 140 m²
  • Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • State: Implementation
  • Authors: Natalya Pristenskaya, Tetiana Grabovska, Alexandr Ryzhykh, Roman Hlukh

Design project for penthouse apartment’s interior was elaborated for a young family. Clients wished to create 5* hotel feel in the apartment – laconic but technical and comfortable.

The penthouse area of 140 m2 had to include two bedrooms with own bathrooms and closets, space-saving but functional isolated kitchen, large hall-dining room for a big company entertainment, guest bathroom and a large shared closet. The team managed to create a plan solution where every m2 is practical and utilized. Here there are no empty halls and functionless corners.

Classic combination of beige and brown tones with accents of black, compound green and beige-lilac hues used in the interior accentuates the feel of premium hotel. Wood textures, multi-texture textile also serve this purpose, and carefully designed lightning schemes especially do.

LH_609_Bedroom_left_003 (1)
LH_609_Bedroom_right_002 (1)