• Project: Skyline Hotel & Residences
  • Area: 47 750 м²
  • Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • State: Due for completion in 2025

SKYLINE HOTEL & RESIDENCES is a splendid modern place for harmonious living and recreation. The unique position provides the complex with the unique appeal: the front line of the Caspian Sea surrounded by the landscape garden, and the fabulous internal infrastructure of the project together with the external infrastructure of the Sea Breeze town.

SKYLINE HOTEL & RESIDENCES is an extremely stylish place where the sun, the marine air, the mindlessness, the harmony and the wonderful rest time reign.


General showings of the project:

Number of storeys – 7

There are penthouses on the last three storeys, the underground is equipped for the parking.

Area of the typical apartments: from 35 to 150 m²

Area of the penthouses: from 150 m² to 320 m²

Area of the standard rooms: from 25 to 85 m²

Total apartments in the complex – 225

Standard rooms in the hotel – 71

Area of the land parcel: 22 600 m2

Area of the building: 5 600 m2


The complex includes:

• The open-air pool with the rest area and the bar close to it, as well as the dressing room;

• The equipped beach on the seashore with all the necessary for the rest (deckchair, beach umbrellas etc.) and full beach infrastructure;

• Convenient location: 50 km from Baku, 2 km from the active center of the Sea Breeze resort town;

• You may enjoy the landscape of the sea not only from the beach or the pool, but also from the terrace of the apartments or the hotel. The architectonics is elaborated in the way so that every area has a wonderful view!

• The restaurant is placed on the ground floor of the building, it consists of the internal part and a large outdoor area with the sea and pool view;

• The hotel of the complex deserves special attention as it has a full independent infrastructure;

• The building includes two single lobbies: for the hotel block and for the residential one. Each of them has its unique style and design;

• The interiors of the common places as well as the interiors of the apartments will be implemented in modern minimalistic style. Technological and practical solutions that will create maximum comfort for the residents are foreseen.

• The complex foresees the underground parking with 150 places and a secured outdoor parking.