• Number of storeys 7
  • Penthouses are located on the top three storeys, and the underground story is fully equipped for parking
  • Area of typical apartments From 35 m² to 150 m²
  • Area of penthouses From 150 m² to 320 m²
  • Area of standard rooms From 25 m² to 85 m²
  • Total number of apartments in the complex 225
  • Number of standard rooms in the hotel 71
  • Land parcel area 22 600 m²
  • Footprint area 5 600 m²
  • Total building area 47 750 m²
  • Location Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Status Scheduled for completion in 2025
  • Architecture Ihor Osadchuk, Pavlo Hladkevych, Igor Lapatiev, Vasily Nikolishin, Mariia Chernysheva, Anna Shardakova, Yevhenii Tromsa
  • Interior Design Yevheniia Volkova, Serhiy Sunko, Yevhen Koshel, Roman Glukh, Denys Demeshonok, Yelizaveta Lenova

SKYLINE HOTEL & RESIDENCES is a luxurious contemporary destination for harmonious living and recreation. Its unique appeal is defined by its exceptional location: the Caspian Sea’s waterfront is surrounded by a landscaped park, coupled with the irresistible internal infrastructure of the project and the external amenities of the Sea Breeze town.

SKYLINE HOTEL & RESIDENCES is an incredibly stylish place where sunshine, sea air, carefree ambiance, harmony, and delightful relaxation prevail.

The complex includes:

  • An open-air pool with a relaxation area and a nearby bar, as well as dressing rooms.
  • An equipped beach on the seashore with all the necessary amenities for relaxation (deckchairs, beach umbrellas, etc.) and a complete beach infrastructure.
  • Convenient location: 50 km from Baku, 2 km from the existing center of the resort town of Sea Breeze.
  • You can enjoy the sea view not only from the beach or the pool but also from the terraces of the apartments or the hotel. The architecture is designed so that every area provides a picturesque view!
  • The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the building, consisting of an indoor section and a spacious outdoor terrace overlooking the sea and pool.
  • The hotel in the complex deserves special attention as it has a fully independent infrastructure.
  • The building includes two separate lobbies: one for the hotel block and another for the residential block. Each has its unique style and design.
  • The interiors of the common areas, as well as the apartments, will feature a modern minimalistic style. Technological and practical solutions are anticipated to maximize comfort for the residents.
  • The complex includes an underground parking facility with space for 150 cars, as well as a secured outdoor parking area.