Nakhchivan Restaurant
  • Project: Nakhchivan Restaurant
  • Total area: 200 m²
  • Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Period: 2020-2021
  • State: Designing
  • Authors: Nataliia Prystenska, Tetiana Grabovska, Aleksandr Vovnianko, Hanna Polishchuk, Ihor Osadchuk

Restaurant of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine of the Nakhchivan region, located adjacent to nationally significant landmarks such as the Parliament of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of National Security.

This restaurant, with its age and established history, is now undergoing a transformation to enhance its status while preserving its traditions.

The main concept for the interior draws inspiration from the cultural and architectural heritage of the Nakhchivan region.

The primary color scheme is derived from the facade dressing of the Mausoleum in Garabaghlar. Turquoise tones from this source serve as the foundation for interior accents. The ornamentation used for the decorative finishing of walls and ceilings is inspired by elements from the facade. The authors found inspiration in the architectural solutions and designs of Momine Khatun Mausoleum, Tomb of Prophet Noah, and Yusif ibn Kuseyir Mausoleum—sacred sites and landmarks of the country—while developing arch finishing joints and other decorative elements.

Materials such as clay, plaster, natural-toned wood, matting, leather, onyx, brass, ceramic beads on chandeliers, and woven dividers contribute to the unique atmosphere. The stylistic approach involves a modern asceticism combined with Scandinavian influences in furniture, ethnic elements in details, and Japanese style in forms.

The restaurant’s layout plan includes the main seating arrangement in the central hall, with three VIP halls designated for ceremonies and private dinners.

Thanks to the multi-layered textures, distinctive finishes, and restrained color palette, the restaurant’s interior achieves a harmonious blend of traditions, contemporary trends, and a premium-class atmosphere.